" The obvious passion you have for your work and your life was invigorating to the entire audience." -Nita Durant

" Your vision is growing, your touch is magnificent.  I am so happy for you on all levels.  You go and get that dream ."  -Sherry Ransom, Author of Three Paths, Three Choices

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About Wayne

During my extensive career in the travel and tourism industry, I was introduced to success strategies and universal principles, which became the foundation of my success which included working with celebrities, heads of state and Fortune 500 Companies i.e. American Express, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Int'l, Northwest Airlines (Now Delta Airlines), and many more.

I recognized that other successful people were applying the same elementary strategies I applied to become successful. However, I discovered that even though elementary, these success strategies and principles were not being presented to disenfranchised communities worldwide. 

The validation of this is evident amongst these communities that have embraced the narrative that systemic racism should absorb all the blame for preventing people from pursuing their dreams. 

Regardless of who or what is to blame, I believe that people who become successful learn to circumvent obstacles to get where they want to go and focus on being victors, not victims. They explore and find a way. 

I want to convey this message to disenfranchised communities: "Think differently. If you can’t change your circumstances, work around them."

INSPIRE THE DREAMS presents the methodologies that multimillion dollar corporations and organizations use to achieve their success. Much of their success is due to professional self improvement and personal development trainings, conferences, and workshops.  Most of these trainings are very expensive for the average person, particularly those within disenfranchised communities. 

Another reason for their success is teamwork and embracing proven strategies towards a common goal that lead to successful outcomes. If those within disenfranchised communities worked in teams towards a common identified goal, they too would produce successful outcomes. 

INSPIRE THE DREAMS presents the identical ideas, teachings, and strategies that have built the $57 billion self improvement industry, but is more affordable and duplicatable to help anyone achieve their dreams.  This effort will include articles, blogs, videos, live and digital trainings, special events, films, business and employment opportunities, and the resources to help our customers reach their potential. 

This is what INSPIRE THE DREAMS is all about. Our motto is A New Consciousness For Achievements.

Wayne C. Robinson