Become a Certified Trainer

Train and guide others towards reaching their highest potential

We provide the online training materials.

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Trainer's Guide and Support

We will provide all the materials that you'll need to become a successful certified trainer of THE TANDEM METHODS Human Potential Training. We will have a support team willing to help you through your training career. 

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Professional Slides

We will provide professional slide presentations with notes, references, class discussions, break out room activities for team assignments, in JPEG and MP4 formats to make your training easy, interactive, and fun.  

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Online Platform

Our PaaS platform is completely online and you can work from anywhere around the world from any laptop or digital device. Slide presentations, team assignments, homework assignments, quizzes, exams, and videos are all online for your convenience. 

You facilitate the training.

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Follow Slide Presentations

You will access to the online slide presentation to guide you through each of the 12 modules. 

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Engage Classroom Discussions

You will be able to facilitate engaging,  thought- provoking and inspiring online class discussions. 

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Direct Team Activities

You will divide your group into small teams to discuss solutions to common challenges, and identify and remove disempowering beliefs that prevent success. 

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Facilitate Mastermind Meetings

You will facilitate the mastermind meetings to ensure that they are engaging and support individual goals in a team environment. 

Weekday and Weekend Schedules


Job Placement Assistance


Competitive Salary


Part Time or Full Time