The Conversation on Reparations for African Americans
An Updated Narrative That Debunks The Critical Race Theory

The Narratives of Reparations

There are many conversations around the topic of "reparations" for African Americans to receive compensation for their ancestors' treatment during slavery. They feel they should be compensated for the devastation many African Americans experienced during that time.

I am all in for some sort of reparations for our past, and I wholeheartedly support those whose purpose is to focus on that narrative.  However, I think African Americans should focus more on what they can do for their and their children’s futures rather than waiting for a check in the mail.

Opportunities Are a Form of Reparation

African Americans have had opportunities to advance over the past fifty years and many  still consider themselves victims. The ones who are succeeding convinced themselves that they were not victims but victors. These are the same type of people who escaped slavery and set out on a different path than the masses. They took advantage of every possible resource to get from where they were to where they are now. 

It has been over 150 years since slavery, and the ones who are the renegades will teach their children to succeed regardless.

Unfortunately, the masses may not have had that mentorship to help them in their plight. So, they struggle, feel victimized, and feel the world owes them something and label this reparations.


Opportunities are available in government programs, corporate grants, non profit programs,  private donations, and college scholarships. They're not going to come after you. You need to go after them. 


We Can Create Our Own Reparations

The richest people in the world are white. However, it is because they did something to create that wealth. They had a dream or an idea, developed an organized a team, and placed it into the marketplace. They used whatever resources they had to become successful.

This is also true for wealthy African Americans whether they are in entertainment, sports or business. They used their resources to create wealth, much of which was generated from Black communities.

I think that African Americans can create their own reparations that last longer than getting a check in the mail.

I have to admit that some prefer to see African Americans live in poverty rather than gain wealth, but that cannot prevent them from creating wealth again and again and again. Remember Black Wall Street? 

Many African Americans have been looking to the wrong sources for success, and still are not convinced that it is always available for everyone.

We need to steer away from the mindset that we are victims.  Unfortunately, this message is evident in African American  religious messages, political rhetoric, and other cultural circles.

In my opinion, I would do just as many slaves did when they decided to become free—run away from the masses towards their dream and allow nobody to prevent them from achieving what God placed inside their hearts.

Opportunities Are Plentiful for African Americans

The best reparations for African Americans, in my opinion, is to take advantage of the plethora of opportunities around them.

If you desire to become wealthy, there are plenty of wealth building strategies that are taught online. Much of it is free. If you desire to build a business, there are business building strategies online and within your own neighborhood.  If you desire to meet your perfect mate, there are many opportunities for you all over the world. If you desire to live healthier, you know what you must do.

Seek those opportunities. Expect those opportunities and take advantage of those opportunities.

Whether reparations come in the form of a check, a wealth building opportunity, an educational opportunity, or some other form, they are out there.


You Control Your Own Destiny

The critical race theory suggests that you do not control your own destiny and that it rests in someone else’s hands. If this were true than you will never take control of your own life.

Foolishness. Your destiny lies in your own hands.

We, at INSPIRE, are going to help build opportunities for you. But first, you must be willing to change your thinking. This is the first step.   This is why we are here, to help you change the way you think to get you where you really want to be in your life.

So, I am challenging you to watch the videos, follow the INSPIRE teachers, learn from them, follow us on social media, like us, subscribe and share, and we will build a community that is unstoppable with far more value than a check in the mail.

 Welcome to INSPIRE.


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