Do nothing with a timeshare or vacation club until you read this book...


Before you consider investing in a timeshare or a vacation club membership, or attending a timeshare presentation, make an informed decision from a seasoned professional who tells it all.

Life any major financial decision, accumulate everything you will need to know before you attend a sales presentation. 



Make sure that you understand everything about the timeshare that you are considering purchasing - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Search Google on the reviews before agreeing to anything.  Sellmytimesharenow is a site that resorts don't want you to know about. You can buy the same timeshare at a fraction of the resort price - sometimes for $1.00. 

Review all the paperwork before you sign, and make sure that everything that is said in the sales presentation is in writing.  If not, don't buy. 



Buyer's remorse is a common occurrence after spending hours in an aggressive timeshare presentation. You want out.  The law is on your side with a rescission period which is mentioned in your contract. 

There are some timeshares that you can easily get out of after the rescission period because you can never get in the resort when you want. 

You can easily walk away from any Mexico or Caribbean timeshare. 


Do you have questions about the timeshare or vacation club industry?

  • Should I buy or not?

  • What happens if I buy and change my mind?

  • How do I get rid of this thing?

  • How to use it to travel around the world?

  • Is where I purchased a scam?

If you want to know everything about the timeshare or vacation club industry, you have come to the right place. This book will help you avoid all the timeshare scams with timeshare exit companies and timeshare attorneys. 

Author Wayne C. Robinson has spent 15 years as a timeshare and vacation club sales, marketing and contracts executive, and he wants to share everything he knows about the industry. Robinson has worked for numerous resorts throughout his career in the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands.

He has been fired more than once as a sales executive because he would not accept the practice of lying to sell a timeshare as was expected and became common throughout the industry.

Now, he shares his plethora of knowledge to consumers and timeshare/vacation club owners on how to buy, use, and the options to get rid of an unwanted timeshare.

He explains how consumers who own a timeshare in Mexico or the Caribbean Islands can get rid of their timeshares for free without paying anyone and without any legal or credit hassles.

Robinson is a supporter of owning a timeshare for the ability to travel worldwide, stay in beautiful luxury accommodations, and spend valuable time with family and friends. However, he does not condone lying to sell a timeshare, and shows readers how to purchase "on their own terms." This comprehensive book features relevant links, references, websites, legal actions against timeshare resorts, and more.

Wayne's Timeshare Work Places

      Consult with the author

      Book a 30-minute consultation with author Wayne C. Robinson

      Consider your options on how to use, sell, rent, or get rid of your timeshare or vacation club membership. 

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      Book a 30-minute session before speaking to a timeshare exit company or attorney.  You can save $$$

      Author Wayne C. Robinson has spent 15 years as a timeshare professional working in sales, marketing, and contracts in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, and Canada. By the end of his career, he was promoted to director of sales and marketing. He knows the industry very well and has always operated with integrity. 

      A 30-minute consultation with the author can save you thousands of dollars by showing how to use, sell, rent, buyback, and reviewing your timeshare contracts. 

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      Book Reviews

      This book was an easy read and helped to explain mostly everything about the timeshare/vacation club industry. If you have doubts about the contract you signed into with a Vacation Club please read this book. It helps to shine a light on how Vacation Clubs aren't all that they seem. Wayne is an excellent resource and is very knowledgeable about this industry. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in buying a timeshare/vacation club, or wanting to see how they can learn/understand what their options are to terminate a contract .  - John Lynch ( 5 Star review)

      Mr. Robinson's book helped us with our timeshare dilemma. If you ever need a sounding board with an unfavorable timeshare dilemma, Wayne is your guy.  He responds to emails within 24 hours and tells it like it is. - Douglas Berg

      Wayne Robinson is a former timeshare sales agent and executive who worked throughout Mexico and the Caribbean. He is an absolute expert in foreign bought timeshares." - Irene Parker, Volunteer Timeshare Advocate, Inside Timeshare

      Shocking truths about Mexico and Caribbean timeshares

      Many Americans and Canadians and other foreign visit Mexico and the Caribbean Islands and purchase what they believe is a timeshare. This video reveals that neither Mexico or the Caribbean Islands sell timeshare, but an offshoot of the timeshare industry called "vacation clubs." This video will disclose that they: 1. They are merely clubs with no legal ownership of anything 2. The contracts are not enforceable 3. How owners can easily walk away with no legal or credit issues


      WARNING: What the Timeshare industry doesn't want you to know about

      Did you know that some timeshare resorts take photos of your credit card and ID and send them from one country to another? Did you know that some timeshares are illegal because they do not hold business licenses in that location? These are just some of the secrets that consumers are not supposed to know about. 


      Why I suddenly quit the timeshare industry

      Former timeshare sales executive, Wayne C. Robinson, shares why he suddenly quit the timeshare industry after working in the industry for more than 15 years in the U.S. Mexico, Caribbean Islands and Canada.


      Timeshare and Vacation Club Points: Why They Don't Always Work

      You might have purchased a points based timeshare or vacation club program because of the flexibility to vacation in the collection of resorts that is promoted by the company. Diamond Resorts, Holiday Inn Club Vacations, Marriott and many others boasts collection of resorts.

      However, just because you own points with a company that boasts several properties, it doesn’t guarantee that you will get where you want to go and when.

      This video explains why and what you can do about this very frustrating and annoying occurrence where you cannot vacation the way it was explained to you.


      Watch more videos on 


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