Penang, Malaysia



"It was very inspiring and mostly with the word gratitude as lot of people are not grateful to what they have." - P. Gafner

"You are amazing. Where did you get those people in your film?" - Mary Magdalene Niap

"Thought provoking and made me search my mind as to where I stood." - E Alaguru

"Brought together many of the principles (formula) for manifestation.  Belief, hope and joy. Loved the focus on people of colour and the spread of cultures. Overall, very inspiring, and real. Love the combination of interviews, photos, music.  A much-needed documentary film at this time when more people need to DREAM, dare to DREAM and live their DREAMS. "- S. Amih

"Very inspirational.  A film about people who followed their dreams, and really made it." - K. Mezosi

 "A journey of inspiration, of following ones dreams and living life to its full potential." - S. Morgan

"It expresses well the law of attraction, but I think there is a factor of merit and karma as expressed in Buddhism." - K. Morgan

"Good motivation and insightful collection of narratives." - M. Jones

"The movie I would recommend to show all of over the world at schools for children’s education." - H. Poenish

"It had a good flow.  It triggers all the things that we have desire to achieve, and somewhat forget." - D. Estrop


Selected for The Capital City Black Film festival
Austin, Texas







You’ve tried it all and nothing seems to work: You want to travel, romance, the perfect career, good health, a business, wealth, education, bliss, live wherever you want and truly follow your dreams.  You often ask yourself, “ What are others doing that I am not ?”

THE DREAMS LIVE ON ™ documentary film explains how our thoughts have been creating our realities, and how to focus our life in a new direction to achieve anything we truly desire. 

The film features the wisdom of rising mentors in revealing the root cause of why so many communities historically maintain the highest rates of poverty, unemployment, disease epidemics, violent crimes, discontent and struggle.  According to them, the communities unknowingly escalate the problems themselves because they are “historically” programmed to fail.  THE DREAMS LIVE ON™ begins the process from failure to exponential success with a new consciousness for achievements. 

THE DREAMS LIVE ON™   introduces some of America’s cutting edge mentors: Dr. Maiysha Clairborne, Dr. Torri Hornsby-Griffin, Dr. Will Coleman, Dr. James P. Griffin, Jr., Millicent St. Claire, Sherry Ransom, Victor Antonio, and Roland Kemokai Images of THE DREAMS LIVE ON documentary cast

They also address the most common obstacles that prevent people from upward mobility, and share solutions that anyone can apply.  THE DREAMS LIVE ON presents inspiring stories, anecdotes, medical and psychological evidence to empower audiences to dream big, and share the necessary tools to break through any obstacle. 

Introducing The Invisible Wings Story by Producer Hari Mohanan

Poster for Invisible Wings Film by producer Hari Mohanan

THE DREAMS LIVE ON™  is produced by WAYNE ROBINSON PRODUCTIONS in association with EGOSHERIFF FILMS and COPYBOOK FILMS, and was filmed on location in the United States, Jamaica, Thailand, U.K., Malaysia and India. 



 An inspiring documentary film about following your dreams