Here's How it Works...

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Step #1

Complete Our TANDEM METHODS Business-Building Training

As a candidate for our entrepreneurship program, you must complete our live 72-hour online business-building training that includes business development strategies, sales, marketing, and certification for THE TANDEM METHODS Human Potential Training


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Step #2

Purchase a Licensing Agreement

To become an authorized distributor for THE TANDEM METHODS Human Potential Program, you must purchase a licensing agreement.  This licensing agreement explains the terms and conditions of being a TANDEM METHODS entrepreneur. 

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Step #3

Begin Building Your Business

You are now an authorized licensee to market, sell, and facilitate the TANDEM METHODS Human Potential Training.  We will help you every step of the way to help you become as successful as you desire. If you desire to earn a six figure income, we'll guide you all the way.  Remember, we work in teams.  You are not alone. 

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Work As a Solopreneur

As a licensed TANDEM METHODS business owner, you have the option of working as a solo business owner. You will be responsible for the marketing, sales, and facilitating THE TANDEM METHODS Training, or you can hire one of our certified trainers.  The good news is that you can still earn an above average profit margin.  

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Work As a Business Partner

You have the option of working in partnership with family, friends, colleagues, or other business arrangements.  Unlike a network marketing business model, each partner can be responsible for one aspect of the business. (Administration.  Marketing. Sales. Training.) With this business model, each partner will use their skills and talents to build the business better, smarter, and stronger. 

Online Business

Operate your business from anywhere in the world from a laptop or a mobile device

Affordable Startup

Our licensing agreement is affordable with multiple payment options

Higher Profit Potential

Because of our unique business model, your operating costs are lower and with a dual revenue system 

Business Training

Our business model includes business development training and resources

Mastermind Participation

You will have the support of your personal mastermind group to help you grow your business

 Personal Coach

As a TANDEM METHODS entrepreneur in training, you will have the support of a personal coach

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