Your life is a result of your past choices.


If you think that you can improve 

you must make different choices.

...and you can by thinking and acting differently.

Becoming a digital entrepreneur can be the beginning of thinking and acting differently. 


Traditional Job  

  • Must Pass Job Interviews to Get Hired
  • Their Salary and Compensation Plan
  • Their Working Hours
  • Promotions Dependent on Their Terms
  • Their Dress Code
  • Subject to Racism and Discrimination
  • Subject to Sexual Harassment
  • Their Vacation Amount and Schedule
  • You Can Be Fired at any Time Without Notice or Reason
  • Usually Must Commute to and From Work at Your Expense
  • May be Subject to Toxic Work Environment
  • Many Jobs Require College Degree
  • ..and the list goes on...

Network Marketing

  • 90% Fail Within the First Three Months
  • 95% Quit Within five Years
  • Only 3% Become Successful
  • Low Compensation Payouts
  • Must Push Overpriced Products
  • Some Are Illegal Money Laundering or Pyramid Schemes
  • Some are Get Rich Quick Schemes
  • 99% of distributors Lose Money (According to a FTC Report)
  • Alienates You From Family and Friends
  • You Are an Unpaid Sales Rep
  • Most Spend More Money Than They Generate
  • ..and the list goes on...

Traditional Business

  • Must Seek Investor Funding or Business Loan (Less than 2% of women and minorities have access to investor funds)
  • Good Credit Score
  • Business Team in Place
  • Business location
  • Long-Term Lease Agreement
  • Purchase Business Design Set-up
  • Purchase Business Furniture
  • Sales Dependent on Local Traffic
  • Adhere to Local City Codes
  • Business Can be Burned Down By Angry Mobs
  • Business Can Be Destroyed by Pandemic - Bankruptcy
  • Franchise Start-up Costs Expensive (i.e. McDonald's - 500k in liquid assets, $45K Franchise Fee, Pay Monthly Royalty Fee 
  • ...and the list goes on...

Digital Entrepreneur

black flat screen tv turned on near green plant

  • 24/7 Online Platform
  • Affordable Start-up Costs
  • Low Operating Costs (No lease, No Utilities Bills, No Loan, No Need for Investors
  • Above Average Profit Margin
  • Can Live and Work From Anywhere In The World
  •  No Territorial Restrictions
  • Ongoing Professional Training
  • Choose Your Work Schedule
  • Unlimited Income Potential
  • Wealth Building Training
  • Mastermind Support
  • Personal Coaching
  • Apply Your Talents and Skills Towards Success
  • ...and the list goes on...